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15 Things You Should Stop Posting On Instagram

Sometimes, though, an otherwise lovely account is marred by a misstep: a cringe-worthy pic that was probably better off remaining in your camera roll forever. Here, 15 photosto avoid posting. Your followers will thank you.

The view from your airplane seat
We get it: You travel.


An unappetizing food photo
Same goes for Twitter, Martha Stewart.

Latte art
Drink your drink and be done with it.


Screenshots of your hilarious text exchange
Your mom’s typo isn’t as funny as you think.

Your significant other as your #MCM/#WCW every single week
So ~in love~.

No makeup shots in which you call out the fact that you aren’t wearing makeup
Death to the humble brag.


Hot dog legs
A Tumblr-inspiring faux pas.


Anything with four or more hashtags
#teamfollowback? #howaboutno

Inspirational quotes
To prove you are as deep as the ocean upon which your probably-misattributed quote is superimposed.


The sunrise or the sunset
Chances are, every person looking at your photo has seen one or the other at some point.

Blurry concert videos
If only there were a website where you could watch professional-quality videos of the same Nicki Minaj show…

The 5,000th picture of your seven-month-old
We get it: You procreated.


15 shots in a row from your Yosemite vacation
We get it: You went to Yosemite.

Gym pics
We tried to warn you.


Starbucks name fails
Leave baristas alone!


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