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27 Serene Images of the Natural World

This week we are doing a series of articles to help you do better nature photography. See previous articles here:

So here are some examples of some shots of nature to give you some ideas, or just to make you feel refreshed like a walk in the woods.


By nutmeg66


By Matoff

Dave Edens

By Dave Edens

Anderson Mancini

By Anderson Mancini

Moyan Brenn

By Moyan Brenn

Daniel Sallai

By Daniel Sallai

Moyan Brenn

By Moyan Brenn

Susanne Nilsson

By Susanne Nilsson


By m.shattock

Md. Al Amin

By Md. Al Amin

Chris Gin

By Chris Gin

ELKayPics / Lutz Koch

By eLKayPics / Lutz Koch

Jack Haskell

By Jack Haskell


By hehaden

W. Visser

By W. Visser

Jeff Power

By Jeff Power

U.S. Department Of The Interior

By U.S. Department of the Interior

Richard Walker

By Richard Walker

Christopher Michel

By Christopher Michel

Shutter Fotos

By Shutter Fotos

Neil Howard

By Neil Howard

Jason Carpenter

By Jason Carpenter

Sri Dhanush K

By Sri Dhanush K

Massmo Relsig

By Massmo Relsig

Images By John 'K'

By Images by John ‘K’


By ravas51

Lenny K Photography

By Lenny K Photography

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