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7 Best Twitter Tools to Dominate Twitter Marketing in 2016

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If you are a marketer, blogger and small businessman, you should use social media to grow your business. Social media not only help in acquiring more customers, but also in increasing the brand exposure too.

Twitter is one of those top social networks where your potential readers and customers are hanging on. As twitter has become the one of the top ten most popular websites in the world, many marketers and webmasters tend to use Twitter to amplify their business.

Just like in search engine optimization, in Twitter marketing, you have to use specific tools. There are lots of Twitter tools just like SEO tools. However, many of them have common features and tools. But a few of them only have unique features. That’s why they stand out from other Twitter tools online.

For all the marketers and people who are looking to increase their sales and marketing exposure, they should use at least one of best twitter tools. I have found lots of twitter tools. Among those tools, I filtered a few best twitter tools that online/offline marketers, bloggers and small businesses can use to manage their twitter accounts and make use of them to grow twitter community.

Some of below Twitter tools may be new to you or you may already know them. But, if you know any other great twitter tool than I listed below, please let me know in the comment form below. I will happily add them up to this Ultimate List of Best Twitter Tools. Help me grow this Twitter tools list fast!

The Ultimate List of Twitter Tools To Dominate Twitter Marketing in 2016

HootSuite: Best Social Media Management Tool


Hootsuite twitter management tool

I am a huge fan of social media management. Are you? Well, when it comes to the point of best twitter account management tools, we can’t forget Hootsuite. Already more than 10 million Twitter power users use of Hootsuite to manage their accounts. I have been using Hootsuite since 2012, so I can recommend that this tool is a must-have twitter tool in 2016 and beyond. Here are a few features of Hootsuite.

Hootsuite twitter message posting
  • Ability to manage more than one twitter account: If you have more than one Twitter account, you can control them on one dashboard. This feature is very helpful, if you have more than one Twitter account.
  • Save Tweets as Templates: This is a very time-saving technique. By using this tool, you can save tweets as templates and send them anytime you want.
  • Schedule Tweets:  Hootsute is one of best twitter automation tools which make it really easy to schedule your Tweets. There are two tweet schedule modules. The first one is autoschedule in which Hootsuite sends your tweets on optimal times to get more exposure. The other one is manual timing. If you want to post your tweets on specific times, you can schedule unlimited tweets using Hootsuite.
  • Targeting options: One new feature Hootsuite added is targeting options. This is absolutely a really helpful feature, because you can target specific religions to see your tweet. How awesome is that? Ex: I have written an article about How to Open a Virtual US Bank Account Online For FREE a few months ago. This tutorial is for people who are not US residents. So It is not too necessary USA residents see my tweet. With the use of Targeting options, you can specify which people should see your tweet. If you run a webinar for any country-specific people, you can use HootSuite Targeting options to get more targeted sign up for webinar.
  • Attach Image or File: If you tweet or DM on Twitter, you couldn’t upload files to Twitter except images. But, by using the Hootsuite twitter automation tool, you can upload any file (ex: PDF, text document) to Hootsuite and send to your Twitter followers.
  • Branded Shortened URLs: Ow.ly is a URL shortening service owned by Hootsuite. When you purchase Hootsuite Pro version, you can make your own URL shortener. Ex: kiss.ly (KISSmetrics.com)
  • Twitter Quick Search: This is another new feature that Hootsuite added recently. I too had a problem to find trending topics on Twitter. On those occasions, I logged into my Twitter account and searched for Trend section to find upcoming events and trending topics. But, with the new feature, you and me can easily find trending topics in the HootSuite dashboard.
  • Management: Unlike other twitter tools, in Hootsuite, you can manage your Twitter account conveniently. You can follow people, see others followers, followings, twitter timeline, mentions, favorites, retweets, etc. Hootsuite also has a twitter user scoring system called Klout. Klout score is counted by using different metrics. You can find all other features of HootSuite social media management tool over here.

Overall Hootsuite is one of best twitter management tools. Not only you can manage your Twitter account, but also your Facebook profile, pages, groups, LinkedIn profile, pages, communities and Google+, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Tumblr and many other social networks too. Plus, there are lots of Apps on Hootsuite social media management service. By using them you can control your social media accounts very easily. Hootsuite has a few pricing packages. By using a free plan, you can control a few social media accounts and a few social apps. But with Pro version, you can bulk schedule tweets, so you can save lots of time.

Hootsuite is one of my best social management tools in my arsenal. If you’re planning to take your social media marketing to the next level, increase Twitter community engagement, traffic to website etc., so you should use HootSuite in 2016. There are a few new tools which will be realized in the next upcoming months. Get a FREE 30 day Hootsuite Pro account over here.

ManageFlitter – Works Faster and Smarter with Twitter


I have been using ManageFlitter since a few months. Results? Amazing!

Literally, ManageFlitter is one of  top-notch Twitter tools i have ever used. As my personal Twitter accountexceeds 7,000 Twitter follower base, i have to use a compatible, reliable and a powerful tool that can manage my large targeted Twitter followers. I know every word i post on Twitter should have a value and purpose. That’s why i am so careful when it comes to selecting best software for Twitter.

In my previous post on Best Twitter Unfollow Tools, i explained about the ManageFlitter comprehensively. Here are a few key features of ManageFlitter Twitter management tool.

  • PowerPost: Not every Twitter follower is active in same time. As your followers’ geographic data differ time-to-time and country-to-country, you would want to find the best time to tweet to get the maximum exposure. Yes, you can use Twitter handles to get more impressions. But, by analyzing Twitter followers and finding the time that most of your followers are active, you can get more eyeballs for your sweet tweet and hopefully a few retweets and link clicks too. ManageFiltter provides very extensive data about your Twitter followers and their activities. For an example, let’s say that you have a post to Tweet for London citizens. You can analyze Twitter followers located in London area and find the time that most of them are active. You are just a few clicks away to bulk schedule tweets for followers in London. Also, you can connect your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to send out scheduled posts in the best times to get maximum exposure.
  • Unfollow Inactive and Useless Followers: If you asked me, what is my favorite feature of ManageFlitter, i would say straightly that it is unfollow. There are vast majority of ways to unfollow inactive and nonfollowing people on Twitter in ManageFlitter. By Spam Score, Last Activity, People who don’t speak English, Inactive followers and Non-following are some of top ways to unfollow people on Twitter. Also, you can bulk unfollow Twitter accounts too. I unfollowed many accounts that i have followed mistakenly in past and made my account more professional and spam-looking-free.
  • Follow: Just like Unfollow feature, ManageFlitter is very powerful when it comes to selecting best people to follow on Twitter. I have used this tool a few times to get the attention of prospects and to reach out industry influencers and leaders such as Neil Patel. No doubt that after you using ManageFlitter’s Follow feature, you will use this Twitter tool in everyday to connect with more customers and like-minded people.
  • RSS Feeds to Post: If you are a blogger, you would know the importance of social media management to drive referral traffic to your website. As time is the most valuable factor, you can’t waste your valuable time for other things. Many people outsource Twitter sharing. But, with ManageFlitter you can turn RSS feed to Tweets automatically. This is one of useful features on ManageFlitter you would encounter as a blogger.
  • Analytics: ManageFlitter is a Twitter Management tool. That means, it provides vast majority of tools to manage your Twitter account. When managing your account, understanding the current situation is very important. You don’t have to worry anything about, if you use ManageFlitter to manage your Twitter account. Account Analytics, Tweet Analytics, Account History and Email History are the types of Analytics in ManageFlitter. You can do many things and make your Twitter account the biggest asset of your social media marketing.
  • Search: ManageFlitter is very flexible when it comes to search feature. You have lots of ways to search on Twitter. Even rather than Twitter’s Advance search filter. For an example, with Twitter Advanced Search tool, you can’t define the website to find owners or influencers who tweets post of website. But, with ManageFlitter, you are just a few clicks away to find out people who shared links to post for your competitor website.

ManageFlitter is a very useful Twitter tool to manage your Twitter account. As a person who used this tool for over six months, i can recommend this tool for every Twitter power user.

Click Here to Connect Your Twitter Account to ManageFlitter.

Socialoomph – Boost your Twitter Productivity


Socialoomph is a social media productivity tool which has lots of unique features and tools that other Twitter tools doesn’t have. Socialoomph is a perfect tool if you want a great Twitter tool for your online & offline business. Here are several features of Socialoomph.

  • Purge DM Inbox: If you have multiple Twitter account and have lots of Direct messages, actually it would be a painful task to delete them manually. But, with Socialoomph, you can easily delete everything or DMs older than 7 days or DMs older than 30 days.
  • Send DMs to new followers: With this feature, you can send DMs to all new followers. For an example, for new followers you can give away a freebie such as a PDF, small eBook.
  • Mimic follow — Replicate the following of others: You can scan up to five twitter accounts at a time and analyze their Twitter followings. So you can later follow them to build relationships with. It’s a great way to find out twitter power users that your competitors are following. Finding professional Twitter power-users is essential to succeed in Twitter marketing.
  • Define your own channels: This is another useful feature on Socialoomph. Let’s say you want to track people who are talking about proofreading and also tweets that are related best proofreading tools. So by specifying your own tweet channels and keywords, you can create unlimited groups to organize information.
  • View predefined channels: This feature will track your twitter accounts and tweets for your predefined keywords. If you want to track every tweet which is about “WordPress installation services” or “SEO consulting services”, you can easily track every tweet. This is a great way to find potential customers on Twitter.
  • Self-destructing (time-limited) update: This is one of my favorite features on Socialoomph. If you want any Tweet update to be deleted automatically after X hours, days, weeks or months, you can create self-destructing messages. How cool is it?
  • Bulk upload tweets: If you have already prepared tweets, you can very easily upload them to Socialoomph and set them to be sent out as the time period you want.
  • Recurring updates: Do you want any tweet to be sent out after X hours, days, weeks or months right after its initial posting? So In Socialoomph, you don’t want copy & paste same tweet to be sent out in multiple times. Just set the recurring updates settings and let Socialoomphs to send them at the right times. This is an extremely helpful feature for bloggers. By using this feature you can get your post sent on many occasions.
  • Filter timelines: Even though you follow thousands of people on Twitter, if you don’t want receive updates from specific people, so you can filter out tweets sent by them and make your twitter timeline a special one.
  • Integrated timelines: By default, you get twitter updates from people and brands you are following, right? But with TweetCOCKPIT integration in Socialoomph, you can fetch more tweets to your timeline by filtering keyword-specific tweets so on.

Overall Socialoomph is a very powerful Twitter productivity tool. I have been using this online Twitter tool for a few months and was able to increase blog referral traffic in a short span of time. To learn more about Socialoomph and find how it can empower your Twitter account, follow this link.

TweetDeck: Tweet Browser to Monitor Twitter Profiles



You may already have heard about TweetDeck. Twitter bought TweetDeck for $40 million in 2011 and now it contains more advanced Twitter tools to manage accounts. TweetDeck is one of best twitter analytics tools which offer various features to make it easy to conduct multiple Twitter accounts on one dashboard. Here are few things you can do inside TweetDeck Twitter management tool.

  • Add Multiple Twitter Accounts: You don’t want to use multiple TweetDeck accounts for multiple Twitter accounts. Authenticate each Twitter account you own and you can start managing each Twitter account.
  • Schedule tweets: Like other Twitter tools, with TweetDeck you can schedule tweets for multiple accounts at a time.
  • Add Columns: Like in Hootsuite, in TweetDeck you can add multiple columns. Not only your Twitter accounts’ notifications, activity and home feed tabs, but also you can segment specific topics and add those tweets into columns. See the image above. Check how I added a new column which shows filtered tweets related to SEO.
  • Track Link Click Stats with Bit.ly: After you add your Bit.ly account username and API key to TweetDeck, for every link you share through TweetDeck will be shortened through Bit.ly URL shortening service. Therefore, you can check click stats such as total clicks and referring sources in your Bit.ly account dashboard.
  • Alert via sounds and popups: If you manage multiple Twitter accounts and want to get notifications for twitter activities such as receiving direct messages, you can get alerts through popups and sounds.
  • Advanced Filtering options: TweetDeck has a rich advanced search filter. By using those advanced filter settings, you can get very targeted results.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Using keyboard shortcuts is the best convenient way to use TweetDeck efficiently. Although I don’t practice all those shortcuts, I usually use number keyword shortcuts to navigate through each column, so I don’t want scroll horizontally anymore.

TweetDeck is a perfect place to manage all your Twitter accounts. If you are finding a free twitter management tool, I recommend you to check out TweetDeck tool. As its convenient interface and powerful search filters, you can get most out of it and amplify your Twitter marketing plans moreover.

Mention: Social Media Tracking

mention social media tracking

Mention works just like Google alerts. You can choose the sources to track mentions (Blogs, RSS feeds, Images, web, videos, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon) and you’ll get alert both on the web and email. I love the Mention twitter tool just because it has several useful features to leverage twitter marketing. Here are a few specific features I found on Mention.com.

  • Get Mentions on Various sources: If you are a blogger or an SEO, you’d probably know that social mentions and web co-citations are ranking factors which most search engines use to rank web pages on SERPs. What’s the very specific feature in mention.com is that you can find mention sources and who mention them easily. Let’s say if someone mentions about your latest blog post in a tweet. So you can find who are those and send a DM (or set up an automated DM) to thank them. Another way you can utilize Mention for business purposes is that you can find business opportunities. Set up your mention alert (select Twitter as the source) and monitor mentions in live action. Once you found any relevant tweet, you can reply to it right away. As the process is working so fast, you can communicate with them so quickly.
  • Advanced Filtering settings: When you want to track something, whether it could be YouTube video tracking and competitor keyword analysis, you should use a tool which has great filtering options. In Mention Twitter tracker tool, you can filter tweets in different categories.
  • Mention Statistics: What I most like about mention statistics is that they update mention reports more frequently than I thought. Therefore, you’ll receive more accurate data. I was able to find people who are more frequently talking about SEO on Twitter very easily. Also Mention provides related match mentions. So we can use those terms on tweets to get maximum exposure. (Ex: if mention is “SEO”, related match mentions are SEO strategy, #SEO and SEO Audit)

Mention.com is a good social media tracking tool. By using Mention tool, I was able to find a few potential readers who are willing to improve their website SEO. Mention has a few pricing packages. Although you get many features on a premium subscription, you can still track Twitter by using a free Mention account.

CommunIT – Twitter Community Management Dashboard


Commun.it is another Twitter tool which provides various tools to manage multiple twitter accounts at one dashboard. I started using Cummun.it since a few days ago, and I am very pleased seeing its amazing features. If you want a simple dashboard where you can control multiple Twitter account easily, I recommend trying Cummun.it twitter community management tools. Here are a few special things you can do with the use of Commun.it Twitter tool.

  • Engage Influencers: Commun.it is a Twitter community management tool. Therefore, you will be able to engage with existing influencers easily. Commun.it can find who exactly actual influencers are. When I first created my account, I was amazed seeing my overall influencers. Some read my posts, favorite tweets, retweeting my tweets and others share my blog posts on their Twitter accounts manually. Actually, they are the people I must build relationships with. More influencers I have, I can easily build a larger social community on Twitter.
  • Thank New Followers: What if you could send a thank you tweet for every new follower? They would happily connect with you, right? So with Commun.it twitter tool, you can find your new twitter followers and compose a new “thank you” tweet.
  • Consider to follow & unfollow: You might be searching for a good way to find inactive twitter users who never have seen your tweets. If you are a twitter user like me who want to unfollow inactive/unnecessary twitter users who don’t follow you back, so with commun.it twitter unfollow tool, you can easily unfollow them. Just like that if you found any twitter power user who retweets your updates and follow you, then you should consider following them back. That’s how to build a good twitter community.
  • Monitoring:  you can monitor engagements and mentions based on keywords and your website. This is a great way to find potential influencers who will later become your fans.

Commun.it is a great twitter tool to build an engaged community around your Twitter profile. If your business needs more raving followers, then start using commun.it twitter tool. It will definitely help you build a good twitter community. Click here to sign up for Commun.it for free and click this link to get 50% OFF discount + 14 days free trial (The cheapest Twitter tool deal, you’ll ever get)

Topsy – Twitter Search Engine


Topsy is another twitter tool that every user should use. Apple bought Topsy Twitter search monitoring and analytics tool for $200 million in 2013. Topsy recently announced that they have crawled all the tweets since 2006 (at the year twitter website officially created by Jack Dorsey). So there is lots of information. If you are a big believer in market research, so you should use Topsy twitter search tool. Not only would you be able to find tweets related to your search query, but also great influencers too. Here are a few features of Topsy that you shouldn’t ignore.

  • Topsy supports ten languages: Currently Topsy supports a few languages. So if your business is related to those languages, you can use Topsy to find new customers who are hanging on Twitter.
  • Advanced search: As Topsy has lots of indexed tweets, when you search something on Topsy, you will usually get broad search results. But with advanced search tool, you can get laser targeted results. EX: If you want to find all tweets related to SEO and www.problogtricks.com, you can input this search query into the Topsy search box: site:problogtricks.com SEO. Topsy works just like Google search engine. Google also has a few search techniques.
  • Get Email Alerts: Just like in Mention.com, here in Topsy twitter search engine, you can get email alerts for your target search query.
  • Twitter Analytics: Topsy is not just only a twitter search engine, it’s a twitter analytics tool too. With Social analytics tool, you can find any topic’s popularity and social mentions versus time.

Topsy is a great Twitter tool which will help you find all tweets and influencers on any keyword. I usually use Topsy to find the social popularity of keyword phrases and social influencers who are eagerly willing to read my blog posts. Read this blogging case study post to learn how I utilized one Twitter marketing strategy to build a twitter traffic peak.


Twitter is becoming more user-friendly and so many marketers involve in twitter marketing. In every day,135,000 new twitter users sign up to Twitter. That’s almost three new sign ups in two seconds. One reason I prefer to use Twitter is that they provide flexible tools for both common people and marketers alike. Many companies and web developers have built various Twitter tools by using Twitter API. While some people have built amazing Twitter tools and software which provides marvelous results.

As a blogger and an internet marketer, I use different Twitter tools. I use all above mentioned Twitter tools. Therefore, I can recommend all those twitter tools for everyone. If you know or have used any other Twitter tool which has unique features like in Socialoomph, please let me know in the comment form. It will not only help me, but also other people too.

So what’s your favorite Twitter tool in 2016? Share your thoughts and reviews above this best Twitter tools list in the comment form below.

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