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Podcasting has recently become a wildly popular new form of media (Is it new when it’s actually just a radio show? Let’s call it throwback media). As a blogger, I crave content to make me better; to improve my writing, social media, strategy, and overall make my blog more awesome. Podcasts allow you to make the most of your commute, learn something while doing dishes, or be entertained while walking the dog. It makes me feel like I’m not wasting my time because I’m always learning.

Here are some of the best podcasts I’ve found for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs.

9 Podcasts for Bloggers - sharing blogging tips, blogging strategy, and social media optimization | blogbrighter.com


Pat Flynn is the outstanding voice behind this massively popular podcast. Much of what he talks about does apply to blogging but a lot of it is fantastic insight in to being an entrepreneur. While one element of his business is blogging, it is not his main or only focus. The best part about Pat? If something works for him, he shares it, whether it will make him money or not. That said, he made over $150,000 last month!

Awesome Episode: How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog (with Corrbett Barr) or The Life of a Brand New Visitor


Ask Pat is also put out by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. The title of the podcast episode is the question he is going to answer so it’s easy to see if the podcast interests or applies to you before you download. All of the questions Pat answers are questions submitted by a reader on his site. He actually has them record their question right on his site! The questions are always super thoughtful and Pat answers them in about ten minutes.

Awesome Episode: Episode 271 – I’ve Identified My Target Audience. Now How Do I Find Them?


Jess Lively is the host of this podcast designed to “uplift, inspire, and add a little extra intention to every day”. Jess interviews bloggers, creatives, small business owners, and generally awesome people. The show is well produced and though it feels quite conversational, it’s also very guided with quality questions from Jess.

Awesome Episode: Wardrobe Remixing and Closing a Business with Kendi Skeen (of Kendi Everyday)


Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, hosted by Emily Thompson (of Indie Shopography) and Kathleen Shannon (of Braid Creative). These are two incredibly successful women, talking through some of the issues that small businesses and creative entrepreneurs face.

Awesome Episode: Personal Branding


The Social Media Marketing podcast is produced by the Social Media Examiner. The podcast is designed to help listeners learn what works with social media marketing. Some episodes are very statistics based and are usually straight down to business. Episodes are less conversational but full of important data and advice.

Awesome Episode: Visual Content: How to Create Shareable Images People Love 


Interested in making the most of Pinterest? This podcast by Cynthia Sanchez addresses Pinterest strategy, how to get traffic from Pinterest, pinning etiquette, and ways to use Pinterest to compliment your blog or business.

Awesome Episode: How a Blogger Gets Traffic From Pinterest


If you need a pep talk or want to feel more positive about your creative endeavors, than this is the podcast for you.

It is hosted by Tiffany Haan, a business and branding coach for the highly creative. Most of the episodes are interviews with creative women – artists, bloggers, photographers, ctc. Some of the episodes are just Tiffany and I have to say, I love those. I listened an episode this week (see awesome episode link below) and it was the exact pep talk I needed to launch this new blog.

Awesome Episode: 10 Success Secrets for the Highly Creative


If you want to hear bloggers sharing their advice and strategy, this is for you. How they Blog has host Kat Lee interviewing bloggers. One thing to note, there are several episodes where there are clear religious undertones. Several of the bloggers interviewed are religious bloggers. I found that whether or not their content was something I could relate to or would enjoy, I still found a lot of their advice helpful.

Additionally, the most recent episode was released in October, leading me to believe that perhaps Kat isn’t putting out new content anymore. Still, there are 36 fabulous episodes to listen to.

Awesome Episode: Knowing Your Audience, Blogging Bravely and Changing Things Up – An Interview with Tsh Oxenreider


The Fizzle Show is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, hosted by three guys who offer experience, hilarity, and insight into growing your business. Admittedly this is the podcast I found most recently, when one of the hosts (Corbett Barr) was interviewed by Pat Flynn on Smart Passive Income. This podcast offers serious advice although it is not necessarily right for a person who wants their hosts to stay on task. The guys have a tendency to wander off subject occasionally. I’ll definitely keep listening though, as they’ve got a 5 star rating on iTunes and tons of raving reviews.

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