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Automatic Spy TV Remote

I love these little remote controls, this is the same one that I used in the Atari 2600 TV Remote project. Sure with one of these devices you can take control of a TV but the problem is that you are standing there when you do it. With this Automatic Spy TV Remote you can hide the device and have it automatically drive people nuts. It will randomly turn the TV off and change channels!

“Sure the original Thinkgeek Micro Spy Remote was fun for a while but there was a major drawback. In order to wreak havoc on someone else’s TV, you had to be within visual range. After a while your prey would realize you had something to do with it. Why not eliminate yourself from the equation entirely? With this hack to the Micro Spy Remote, you can cause chaos even when your not around. Now when the person your pranking asks to see your hands or what’s in your pocket you can simply smile, knowing your secret is safe and the chaos will continue. With this hack you will be able leave the remote in a room and it will turn the TV on or off/change the channel every couple of minutes automatically.”

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