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Here is How You Can Remove Malware From Your PC


Internet is for everyone as we all know. But there is a famous saying “Security is a myth” which means you can get attacked online at any moment. Malwares are one of the most common threats to the internet users. In this article let us see how we can recover fro a malware attack.

Boot into Safe Mode

First of all, don’t depend on the antivirus program already installed on your PC. Chances are it’s been compromised.

Instead, boot into Safe Mode with Networking and run a cloud-based malware scanner. Safe Mode reduces the likelihood that the malware can interfere.

Scan and clean

Once you’re in Safe Mode, launch a browser and the ESET Online Scanner. Then try Trend Micro’s HouseCall.

Need something stronger? Malware designed for Windows is crippled in another OS, so try a Linux-based malware cleaner, booted from a DVD or a flash drive. I recommend either ESET SysRescue Live or Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.

Starting over with a clean slate

First, back up your data files on external media. Then securely wipe your hard drive or SSD. Darik’s Boot and Nuke does a good job for hard drives. For an SSD, go to the drive manufacturer’s website for specific instructions. This will probably involve downloading a special program.

If you have an image backup made before the infection, restore from that. Then copy your data files back to the newly-restored drive.

Otherwise, on another computer, download and prepare installation media for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 (click the Download tool now button). Boot from that media and install Windows.

The content in this article is more focused on Windows 10, but you can pretty much use this in any Windows version flawlessly.

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