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Does Paid Search Work for B2B Marketing?

Destroying money is a crime, but you’re doing just that when you don’t have a paid search strategy in place. Image via Shutterstock. Paid search advertising doesn’t get a lot of love from B2B business owners. Having audited over 350 B2B paid search accounts, it’s pretty easy to see why: Paid …

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5 Ways to Use LinkedIn Publisher for Business

Looking for a way to promote your business to a professional audience? Have you considered LinkedIn Publisher? Using a few simple tactics, LinkedIn Publisher can support business owners in their efforts to get more referrals, leads, and sales. In this article you’ll discover five ways LinkedIn Publisher can help you …

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How to Write Sincere Marketing Copy

The fear of scarcity permeates our culture. People believe they don’t have enough. They spend time calculating how much they want. And when they see what others have, all they can think about is what they’re missing. In Buddhism, this concept is called “The Hungry Ghost.” Hungry ghosts are beings …

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The Business of Mother’s Day [Infographic]

Mother’s Day is big business…for businesses of all sizes. The amount of money spent for Mother’s Day celebrations in the U.S. has nearly doubled in the last decade, from $11.5B in 2005 to $21.2B in 2015. In fact, Mother’s Day is the third biggest “holiday” — at least as far as …

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