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British Hacker Wins Legal Battle Over Encryption Keys

In Brief Britain’s top crime fighting force has failed in a legal attempt to force alleged hacker Lauri Love to hand over his hard disk’s encryption keys. In a landmark case, District Judge Nina Tempia said the investigative agency should have used the normal police powers rather than a civil …

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6 Eye-Opening Stats About Endpoint Device Health

New report shows state of endpoint patching and updates among a sample of 2 million devices. A report out today on the state of endpoint device health shows that businesses today still face plenty of challenges in limiting the number of risky devices roaming in and out of their corporate …

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Top 4 Data Breaches reported in last 24 Hours

There is no doubt that data breaches are on the rise. Hardly a day goes without headlines about any significant data breach. According to the latest ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016’ report published by UK government, two-thirds of the biggest firm in the UK have experienced at least a cyber …

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Hacker Arrested after Exposing Flaws in Elections Site

A security researcher disclosed vulnerabilities in the poorly secured web domains of a Florida county elections, but he ended up in handcuffs on criminal hacking charges and jailed for six hours Wednesday. Security researcher David Michael Levin was arrested and charged by the United States law enforcement after breaking into …

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FCC takes initiative to Speed Up Mobile Security Updates

In Brief The Smartphone users are fed up with slow security updates, so two United States federal agencies have launched an official inquiry to know how manufacturers and carriers deal with mobile phone security updates and what they are doing to roll out patches as quickly as possible. The Smartphone …

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What Makes Next-Gen Endpoint Protection Unique?

Here are five critical factors you need to know about today’s new breed of endpoint protection technology. 1 of 6 Image Source: imsmartin As the world of fraud, phishing, and ransomware takes over the headlines, it’s no wonder organizations are looking for new ways to combat these threats. Ransomware attacks …

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Man Pleads Guilty To Hacking, Stealing Information From Celebrities

Bahamian to be sentenced by US court for stealing and selling copyrighted information. A man from the Bahamas accused of hacking into private emails of celebrities pleaded guilty on May 9 before a US District Judge and is scheduled to be sentenced on August 25, 2016. Alonzo Knowles, 24, was …

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Anonymous Wages DDoS Attacks On Banks Worldwide

Hacktivist group Anonymous launches month-long Operation Icarus to cripple global financial system. Banks across the globe have become the target of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks launched by the hacktivist group Anonymous as part of its so-called “Operation Icarus” campaign. In a May 4 video, the group warned financial bodies around …

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Best Hacking Apps For Android Phones

android hacking app of 2016

As Android has emerged as the top mobile operating system, we have seen a great rise in the Android hacking apps. For our readers, we have prepared a list of the best hacking apps for Android that can be used by a technology enthusiast, an IT security administrator, or an …

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