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Drone Fishing Is Crazy Effective, But Is It Unfair?

  At what point does technology remove too much sport from fishing? In the case of this drone-fishing video, things seem to be moving in that direction. In the video, created and produced by Sea Ulcer Aerial Media, a drone flies out to sea, towing with it both bait and …

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Tech FUNNY STUFF: 10 Hilarious Comedy Bits About Tech

Japan Japanese Laughing

Technology is funny. We’ve got proof of that on video. Cell phones, the Internet, Facebook and most definitely Twitter is the stuff of great jokes. Now add aging parents, Google,  Microsoft and lawmakers. A word of caution. A few of the videos that follow contain some salty language. Sensitive ears may …

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New GeoOrbital Wheel Prototypes for 2016!

As many popular transportation options make the switch to electric, bicycles are definitely not getting left behind. But if you aren’t interested in splurging on a fully electric bike, a company called GeoOrbital may just have the perfect solution for you. The GeoOrbital wheel is a fully contained electric update …

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