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Clickbank Choosing Product

Clickbanks most important rule is that making the right choice. If you do it wronk, you will be fail and the money you get will go to advertising or you cant even get money from clickbank you just have to pay advertising. I will try to tell you about choising right product in Clickbank.

Making right choise of product will give us %70 success.
Lets first explain the terms in Marketplace.
* Future $: The approx products future price.(This will defind us commicion amount in the future)
* Total $/sale: Products total sale price(for example if seller tries to sell more product or the product needs to pay out everymonth this will defind buyers pay amount)
* Avg%/sale: This is the amount we will get of commicion.
* Grav: This is most important term for us. Gravity shows us the products popularity from affiliateler side. Higher gravity makes more requests from affiliaters

So lets go how to use these terms;
* Choose digital products; E-books maybe. Because when you sell this kind of products, you get your money instant without messing with shipments etc.
* Dont sell products has below %50 commicion. As usually clickbank products has commicion between %50 and %75.
* Dont choice products below 30$ price. For example if you sell 15$ product you get %50 commicion so 7.5$. Thats why try to sell 30$ above products.
* Most important critical is “grav”. This value shows products popularity. If you are newbie you probably dont know much about it. Dont choise 100 value of it. Because, these products compition is too much and you have to effort too much and spend money to sell these products. And below 20 value of gravity might be unssuccesfull and not proved so try to sell this value between 20-100.

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