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How To Create The Perfect Visual Content For Instagram

How To Create The Perfect Visual Content For Instagram

It’s difficult for many businesses to know exactly what type of content performs best on Instagram. After all, a company whose primary focus is social media marketing for instance, can’t really boost their following by posting selfies.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the primary user demographic on Instagram is people between the ages of 18 and 29. In fact, that age bracket makes up 53% of the users on the social media platform. In addition to that, among the most popular posts on Instagram are photos that contain animals, food, celebrities and attractive selfies.

As a brand with a professional aesthetic, it might not be so easy to get away with the above listed photographs. Instead, you need to figure out how to appeal to a group of individuals who have such a short attention span. The following examples are a few proven tactics you can use when expanding your Instagram following.

Use a Chart Maker

Infographics and data visualizations are a great way to share your company’s new products, milestones and points of view with your followers. The trick is to present them in an entertaining and informative way. The White House occasionally uses infographics and data visualizations to get important messages across to their 2.1 million followers.

This one, in particular, received over 20,000 likes.

When creating your own infographics and charts for Instagram, there are a number of free and paid tools available to you. Check out the chart maker, Beam created by the infographic makerVenngage. Beam is completely free and makes it easy to visualize data is a matter of seconds.

The software also sends you a link directly to your email inbox, making it that much easier to upload the chart directly to Instagram.

Use Quotes

Foundr Magazine grew it’s Instagram following from 0 to 750,000 users in under 16 months. Furthermore, every one of their followers is completely real and organic. How did they do this? Using quotes and visualizing them in engaging ways.

Photo of Byron Bay - one of Australia's best beaches!


Notice however that the aesthetic is still that of an infographic. Do you think they would have seen the same results had they simply posted the quote on a white background with Times New Roman font? Maybe, but the chances are very slim.

Although the written content is important, Instagram is first and foremost a visual platform. Everything you post needs to be consistent and cohesive.

Repurpose your Infographics

Videos have very high engagement on Instagram, so if there is a way for you to repurpose your content in multiple forms, it’s worth a shot. In fact, 92% of people who watch videos on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, share them with others in their network.

Simply screen capture the process of creating your chart, accelerate the pace a little and post the result as a video on your account. Another alternative is to crop down your infographic into sections, and transform it into a video slideshow. You can use a service like SlideModel to choose from a range of ready to use powerpoint templates to help you with your inspiration.


As a brand, it’s not always beneficial for you to post incessant images of cute animals or selfies of your CEO. As good looking as he or she might be, it just does not fit your business’s overall aesthetic. Instead, you need to find creative ways to engage and grow your following. The trick is to create visually appealing and practical content that they will like and comment on. Consider using a chart maker tool to visualize important stats and milestones that your company has seen in the past. Alternatively, you can transform infographics you’ve made in the past as slide shows or videos and upload them to Instagram as well.


Like the popular entrepreneurship magazine, Foundr, you can take well-known and motivational quotes, then enhance them by adding relevant icons and using contrasting colors to make your image stand out.

Just because there exist limitations with the types of posts you can share on Instagram, it’s up to you to use those limitations to inspire you creatively and produce content that truly captures your audience’s attention.

How have you creatively used Instagram? Got a great chart or image to share? Please share it in the comments below.

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