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The Daily Pinterest Formula to Jumpstart Your Referral Traffic

In April I shared my secrets on how I increased my Pin impressions by 53,285.71% in just two weeks! Then in May I showed you how to (Re)Fall in Love with Your Pinterest. And now it is June, so what have all these changes done for me?  |  The Daily Pinterest Formula to Jumpstart Your Referral Traffic  |  Think Creative

Well, I am going to show you my daily secret formula that has taken me from 3% Pinterest Referral Traffic, to 32.39% without decreasing other traffic sources! AND how I use Pinterest Analytics to give me insight into what is and isn’t working on my blog!

Think Creative Referral Traffic - Squarespace Analytics

By using my daily Pinterest formula my Pinterest profile is seen on average 7,175 times daily. Pins that link back directly to my website have increased by 100% and I now see average daily impressions in the 10 thousands. How do I do it?

My Daily Pinterest Formula

Fresh Content – I write new content for my blog 5 days a week! Some days it is a breeze and other times I am up all hours of the night (like right now at 2 a.m.). Even though this is a HUGE commitment, it has brought me tremendous results. In the first three months I had a blog, I doubled my traffic month over month.

Pinterest Friendly Content – In addition to writing so frequently and consistently, I make sure all of my content is super Pinterest friendly. Every blog post includes a “title” photo. This image goes along with the theme of the post and includes the full title. I also make it portrait so when it is on Pinterest it appears larger. As often as possible I try to include multiple “pinable” images in a blog post that people would find interesting. For instance my mood boards or my Shark Tank quotes.

Photo Names – Did you know the title of your photograph is what automatically populates when someone pins your image? I always adjust my photos so at minimum the name includes the blog post name and my company name. I do also try to pull out keywords or key sentences from the post that might entice someone to come check it out and add those to the title/description.

The SPECIAL Board – Any photo I ever pin from my website first get’s pinned to my SPECIAL board. Everyone should have at least 1 board that has 100% your content only. Not only does this allow for lurkers to have a central location to find your content, but it makes someone more likely to follow. If your pinning is a little all over the place – baby, home, food, blogging and more – not everyone wants to follow every board. This gives them an easy no hesitation follow option if they like what they are seeing from you.

The 5-Minute Pin Marathon – There is no reason you need to spend all day on Pinterest. This part of the daily ritual is quick and dirty. If you have taken the time to have the initial setup done this will take you no time at all.

  • Pin a photo directly from your website to your special board.
  • Navigate to Pinterest.
  • Repin that same Pin to all the group boards you are part of. (I am now in 5).
  • Repin that Pin to any special categories it may fall under – i.e. Small Business Advice, Infographics,Social Media, etc.
  • Have more than one Pinterest friendly image? Rinse & Repeat.

That’s it, it is really that simple. Follow this simple formula every day and you can see some amazing results.

How to Up the Odds

Monitor Your Impressions – The time of day you pin no longer greatly effects your impressions. The pins people see on their home page is now more “curated” by an algorithm. This has its pros and cons, but I personally have found it helpful because I no longer need to be pinning at 9 p.m. I can pin at 9 a.m. and see essentially the same results. In the last 14 days, I have upped the impressions by 122.78%, most recently seeing 16,027 impressions just on Tuesday.

Repins are Your Friend – Repins not only drive additional impressions, but they give you the opportunity to be exposed to people outside your own audience. The more repins, either the better the content you posted or the more “Pinterest friendly” your pin was. Two of my top repined posts are infographics I created.

Clicks = Traffic – Ultimately you want people to click over to your website, not just see your pretty pictures. See what posts are getting the most clicks. What makes them special? How are they better or unique from your other content? This sort of information can give you great insight for what you should do next.

Think Creative Most Clicked Pins from Pinterest

Referral Traffic

My Pinterest Referral traffic has skyrocketed to 2nd place just behind Direct. Direct is a combination of people who just know the URL and type it in and Instagram Referrals. By comparing what my popular pins are on Pinterest and to the most popular pages/posts on my website I can draw instant conclusions. To see my web traffic, I use a combination of both Squarespace and Google Analytics. I now have a fairly good idea of what “worked” and what “works better”. This sort of insight helps me further tailor my content to my reader’s needs and desires.

How have you utilized Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or blog? What have you found to be useful?

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