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Facebook Marketing For List Building

The 7 Simple Steps To Use Facebook Marketing For List Building.

Building Your Email List Is The Most Important “Long Term Tangible Asset” You Can Acquire From Facebook Marketing.

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  1. Do Your Facebook Ads Research: Write down the top 15-30 Facebook Fan Page URLs that your ideal clients are most likely a Fan of.   This data is crucial for step 4 as it will be used when setting up your Facebook ads targeting.
  2. Create An Irresistible Free Offer:  This free gift you create should offer a solution to an urgent problem or burning desire that your ideal clients are dealing with currently.  I.E.  a free report, free video series, free coupon, free checklist, free templates etc.
  3. Set Up A Custom FB Tab With An Optin Box:  On your business Facebook Fan Page, you’ll want to set up a custom landing tab with an email optin box inside this custom tab.  You will be driving traffic to this tab & giving away your “irresistible free offer” in exchange for their email.
  4. Drive Targeted Traffic With Facebook Ads:  Use the data from your “research in step 1” and set up a series of Facebook ads that target each of the fan pages you wrote down. Direct that traffic to your custom tab.  You’ll be offering your free irresistible offer in exchange for their email address.  Continue to follow up with your email list and add value.
  5. Add Relevant Value Daily To Your Fans:  Consistently share relevant valuable info with your Fans on your Facebook page.  Don’t just share your own content… also share other pages & sites relevant and valuable content.  Encourage conversation, get feedback and listen closely.  Ask your fans questions, respond to the comments you receive.
  6. Analyze Your Facebook Ads Data:  Use Google analytics to track conversions on your landing pages.  You can also use the Facebook off-site-pixel as well.  (Email me if you don’t know what the off site pixel is).  Split test your ads using different copy, images, demographics, interests targeting and adjust accordingly.
  7. Analyze Your Page Insights:  Look at the demographics of your new fans.  Look at the times your fans are mostly online.  Look at which posts you make get the most reach and engagement. Take note and then adjust your ads accordingly.  Then continue to repeat the 7 step Facebook list building process and watch your email list grow.

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