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Get paid to post links with adfly

Adfly site of the largest sites of shortcut links in the world in terms of global stature among global sites. And also in terms of profitability in workbook idea is very beautiful very profitability is a diagram and advertiser and Publisher is very similar to the idea of a special programme of my betraidnt.
 When you link your kindness and your publication whether in or on any other site and you see the ads in the shortcut by visitors, you profit by percentage views and also you rate the profitability of property alrival is registration on your way or my way and so on. And will be located in God a good intake of large webmasters that have visitors and have sections such as games or download programmes and succession The site gives you the 1000 visit 4 dollars and the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 5 and the site supports payment via PayPal and AlertPay and Mavi this is that all visitors and has its price.
You will find the highest profit by visitors to the States. The priority for the u.s. and Canada, visiting then United Kingdom and finally Australia. Visitors to these States are most valuable to the site policy. The 1000 watch American visitors between $ 5.35 maximum, 2.79 $ Max.. And of course after watching link will find all States and price for visitors …
And for the profits of riviral will give you 20% of the company’s profits up your way.


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