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How to Use Google+


Are you a blogger that is wanting to learn how you can use Google+? You have come to the right place! Today I’m going to show you, my favorite blogger friendshow to use Google+ as a blogger. There are a few tips that are essential for success on Google+. Unlike Facebook, when you post something on Google+ everyone that follows you (or has added you to their circles), will be able to see your post. Say goodbye to frustrating “reach” numbers that you are seeing on your Facebook fan page! This is why it is extremely important to use Google+ correctly when you are showing off your blog posts. This is my profile on Google+ I’d love to meet you on there!


Let’s start with adding a picture to Google+. You ALWAYS want to upload a FULL SIZE picture from your computer. Here you can see that I uploaded a full size photo of my blog post: The Best Free Frames.
When you are using Google+ to promote your blog, DO NOT post the little picture that pops up when you insert the url link to your blog. For example, here you can see that I inserted the url link to my post The Best Free Frames. When the link is inserted, a little picture of your post will automatically pop up below the link. You DO NOT want to use this little picture! When people are looking at their Google+ newsfeed, they will not notice this teeny tiny picture and they will (most likely) scroll past it. They will, however, notice a large picture of your wonderful post. You’ve worked so hard on your blog post pictures, so make sure you show them off properly on Google+!
Let me explain how to get that big picture up on Google+. First, you need to paste the url of your blog post in Google+. In this case, I used the shortened url, which works exactly the same way. When your url is pasted into Google+, that little picture will pop up. That’s when you want to click the REMOVE button as shown below:
Once you click the remove button, Google+ will then show you these wonderful options! You now want click the PHOTOS icon. It will then allow you to pick a full size picture from your computer!
Next, you want to focus on how to advertise your blog post on Google+. For the example seen below, I will show you want I did with my Circus Animal Cookie Popcorn on Google+.Think of something catchy to say or, better yet, think of the keywords you used in your blog post. DO NOT write something boring like, “I just blogged about this.” Booooo! That will not get you any attention in Google+ nor will it help your post be found if people are searching for what you are posting about. You want people to find you when they search for something, right? If you would like more help on learning about how to make your blog post more search engine friendly, check out THIS POST where I break it down for you!
 In order to make my title “Circle Animal Cookie Popcorn” bold, I typed asterisks around it like this: *Circus Animal Cookie Popcorn*. When you post it, the asterisks will disappear and your text will then be bold (and more easily found if people are searching for those words in a Google search). You also want to use hash-tags for all of the important keywords that your blog post contains. I like to use them at the bottom of my post as you can see below. In this case, I used the keywords #popcorn and #cookies.
The next step is deciding who you want to share your post with. In order to share it with the most people possible, make sure you have PUBLIC on there. This way, everyone can see your amazing post. DO NOT, however, put your circles or individual people in there like the example seen below. The reason for this? Well, each person you put on there will receive an email of what you posted on Google+. If you send them an email every single time you share something on Google+, they will get sick of it! They might even stop following you or “mute” you on Google+. That is not good! In fact, that’s the opposite of what you are trying to do! So, don’t bug people with unnecessary emails when you are sharing your blog post on Google+. Just leave it as Public (seen below) and don’t include your circles or individual people. The only time you want to include an individual is when you specifically want them to know that you have tagged them in your post (if you are sharing something from their blog, for example).
I personally recommend following those beautiful bloggers on Google+ though! Here are their G+ profiles:
This is my G+ profile: +Kelly Dixon
This brings us to the next important step that you don’t want to ignore when you are trying to promote your blog post on Google+. When people +1 and comment on your wonderful Google+ post, be sure to interact with them!! Don’t ignore the attention they have given you! As you can see below, I have +1’d all of the comments that people have left below my post. Not only that, I commented on my own post in order to mention and thank them for saying nice things (by using the “+” sign in front of their name). In this case, they will get an email letting them know that I mentioned them but that’s ok! You are interacting with specific people so tagging them is necessary.
How to Use Google+
There you have it! These are the basic guidelines for how to use Google+ as a blogger. The important things to take away from this: always use a full size picture, write a sentence that uses the keywords from your blog post, share your Google+ post to the public, and properly interact with the people that enjoyed what you posted.
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