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Everyone wants to work at home. Now you can with very little money to get started. Under $100. How? By being a drop-shipper on Amazon.com and/or eBay as well if you want to double-up.

You can make as high as $250/hr (gross) for the hours that you put into advertising your wares. You can put in as little time as you have available. Work as little as 30 minutes per week picking products and adding them to your Amazon sale site. You also want to make sure the products you are already offering are still for sale/in stock at the suppliers.

Let me introduce you to the wholesale/dropship companies that you’ll be working with: SALEHOO & WORLDWIDEBRANDS. These are reputable companies with a wholesale supplier directory that works with them as well as thousands of dropshippers. You don’t have to buy ANY products (but I recommend buying some and making a testimonial on your site/ads).


As you can see in the graphic to the left, the customer buys the product from Amazon (or ebay or both sites if you want to set them up), you call the drop-shipping company for that product and they ship the product to the customer and you get paid. Any money you have to spend will be on a website and any advertising you do (Facebook or Google pay ads) or you can hold down expenses and make graphics for Pinterest and send out a product pin every hour.

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This business and how you work it is completely up to you. Work it while the kids are at school or while the baby is napping. You really don’t have to spend that much time setting it up. Just at first maybe 5-7 hours figuring out how it all works on Amazon or eBay and then adding your products 1 by 1. You can start with a few every day so it doesn’t become a burden if your involved with children or another job.

You can literally start your business for $0.00, but a small cost that will come up is the auction or store fees on eBay and the fees per product from Amazon. You can’t start any business with $0.00, but this one comes close.

You’ll want to find the warehouses that are closest to you. Watch the video below for tips on how to do this. Beware of products coming from China, because they can take 2-3 weeks to get to your customer and they could cancel the sale before it gets there or leave bad feedback for slow shipping (even if you warn them first that it will take 2-3 weeks).


Salehoo and Worldwidebrands have many tools to help you along the way. They want to see you succeed and pass the word along that they’re good. SaleHoo has video tutorials and lots of info on their site. They are motivated to help you sell and stay with them. They have the hottest trend products as well as the staple products that have been around for years. They have over 8,000 drop-shippers, all willing to work hard to keep an inventory and get your product out to your customers.

Go to the link below and watch the video. Good luck!


Here’s a video I found on YouTube (apparently from Wholesale Ted – I’m not affiliated with them), that you can watch first, then click the link above or below to go to the SaleHoo or Worldwidebrands site and find out more information.

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