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To Be or Not to Be: Brands’ Biggest Social Business Question #Infographic

social media marketing has already grown a bit old school. Today, the marketing world is still hot on the social media marketing trail, but the trail has diverged. There are different paths with cheerleaders along the way no matter which path a marketer follows.

Ideally, marketers should find the path down the middle that marries all of the elements of social media marketing, but most are not there yet. Many of today’s marketers are still choosing a single path to focus on or jumping back and forth.

For example, those paths include the data and metrics focus, the storytelling focus, the visual focus, and more. This article hones in on the visual focus with the help of two great infographics that visually share the data and tell the story of visual storytelling. Appropriate, don’t you think?

First up is an infographic from UberVU that makes a clear point, “Visual social marketing is here, and it’s making money.” Take a look at the infographic to see the reach of brand visual social marketing. These two pieces of data sum things up nicely:

  • Pinterest users spend more money, more often and on more items than users from any of the other top 5 social media sites.
  • Half of Interbrand’s Top 100 Brands are using Instagram or Pinterest as part of their social media efforts.

Social Business Infographic Why Brands Must Embrace Visual Social Media in 2013

To Be or Not to Be: Brands’ Biggest Social Business Question – An infographic by the team at  uberVU

Next up is an infographic from Socially Sorted which not only shares a variety of statistics about visual social media usage trends but also explains how brands can leverage the power of social media. A few tips included in the infographic are:

  • Don’t tell if you can show.
  • Create original visual content.
  • Crowdsource visual content.
  • Add the words back in.

Shift to Visual Social Media Why Brands Must Embrace Visual Social Media in 2013

Infographic from Socially Sorted

These two infographics are filled with great information and are perfect examples of visual social media that works. However, don’t forget how important words are. Images without context can be interpreted in a variety of ways and can be meaningless without nearby messaging to explain the complete story. Tread carefully when you’re thinking of letting an image stand on its own without contextual messages. A shift to visual social media doesn’t mean that words should be completely abandoned.

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