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Six Ways You Can Earn Money From Home Through Amazon.com


There’s a lot more to Amazon than just shopping — in fact, there are multiple ways to earn money from home with them! A few you may know about already and a few you may not. I did some extra digging around this morning to discover every possible avenue that exists for earning money with Amazon. Here are my findings:

Amazon MTurk

This is the most obvious first choice because I talk aboutMTurk all the time on this site. It’s short task work you can do for various requesters across almost any category you can imagine (writing, transcription, data entry, search evaluation, etc.) and Amazon is the platform you use for doing the work. Anyone can sign up as a worker although if you’re not in the US you may find it difficult to get paid since I’m not sure that Amazon does bank transfers for people living outside the country.

For more info on how MTurk works, read our short review or check out this detailed beginner’s guide to MTurk at Amazon.com that has 4.5 stars out of 5 in nearly 60 customer reviews.

Amazon’s Trade-In Program

I’m sure you’re probably familiar with all of those little sites that let you trade things in and get cash and/or gift cards in return. Stuff like your old cell phones, laptops, etc. Well, Amazon actually has something similar with a very long list of things you can trade in, including cell phones, laptops, cameras, books, textbooks, music, mp3 players, and much more. Shipping is free on your end (they let you print off a shipping label to use) and you get an immediate offer on anything you submit. Go here to learn more about how it works on Amazon.

Amazon Associates

You can also sign up as an Amazon Associate and earn commissions from sales you direct through your unique links to Amazon.com. This works well if you’re a blogger — simply write about a product you love on Amazon and use one of your links for people to click. If they buy the item, you’ll get a percentage of commission for their purchase. You can also earn money from purchases people make for other things after they’ve already clicked through your links because Amazon creates a cookie and will “remember” that your Amazon Associates link was the last one that person clicked.

Sell on Amazon

You can sell your stuff on Amazon and even open up your own little e-store if you want. Amazon does not charge per-item listing fees and many people do prefer using them to sites like Ebay. If you decide to go the webstore route on Amazon, they let you try it free for a month, but after that there will be a monthly charge.

Another way to sell on Amazon is through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), where you simply ship the items you want to resell directly to Amazon, and then THEY ship to the customer when it sells, and you get paid. :) There are many people who make far more than just a side income selling with FBA.

Self-Publish on Amazon

If you’re a writer and want to get your work out there, you can self-publish on Amazon. With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can earn up to 70 percent of royalties on your e-books while also having the freedom to set your own prices. There is also an option available to go through Create Space which allows your inventory to be produced on-demand as customers order so there is no upfront inventory investment.

I have successfully written and self-published one e-book for Kindle and explained how I did it in this post. Blogging With Amy also has a very helpful series of posts that explain in great detail how to write and publish an e-book.

Take Calls From Home For Amazon

Amazon actually does hire home-based virtual customer service reps regularly! Pay is around $11 an hour and the job is usually reserved for people living in specific states. You can go to the careers page at Amazon.com to find these jobs, just do a search for “work at home” in the keyword field. You can alsoread the review I wrote of work from home customer service for Amazon.

Honorable Mention: The Amazon Vine Program

This one actually isn’t a way to earn money through Amazon, but it is a way to get stuff for free from Amazon! The Vine program is very exclusive and by invitation only. Amazon invites only the highest-ranked reviewers of their products to join. Once you’re in, you can get free things from Amazon in exchange for honest, well-written reviews. Amazon has more details on how it works here. If you really want in, I would recommend writing a lot of detailed, helpful reviews on Amazon.com and cross your fingers that you get picked at some point.

If you have anything to add or know of any other ways to earn through Amazon, please share below!

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