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#STACKTALK Episode 2: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Users


Welcome to episode 2 of #STACKTALK, ShortStack’s official podcast about how to create Campaigns and contests to connect, collect leads and market. In this episode of #STACKTALK, ShortStack experts Adam and Ashley discuss our new white paper, 7 Habits of Highly Successful Users.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Users

  • Best practice #1: They use all available resources

Key finding: They read our blog and collect and study marketing resources around the web.

  • Best practice #2: They spend time building a user base

Key finding: Our top users spend an average of 18 months developing their user base.

  • Best practice #3: They run Campaigns frequently

Key finding: On average, our top users had 42 Campaigns published simultaneously.

  • Best practice #4: They run omnichannel Campaigns

Key finding: The majority of our top users post Campaigns to multiple platforms at once.

  • Best practice #5: They give users good incentives

Key finding: Offering a prize or incentive often results in good engagement.

  • Best practice #6: They invest in premium features

Key finding: top users value features like white labeling and analytics.

  • Best practice #7: They ask for help

Key finding: Our top users ask us questions through our help desk.

Want more information? Download the white paper!

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