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VR is the future of porn, and it’s a creepy future indeed

This got real weird, real fast. And not just because I was demoing the technology in the middle of the E3 floor, surrounded by fellow show-goers. It’s just — well, even after all the explainers in the world, it’s hard to sufficiently brace your mind for all that virtual reality porn …

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SEO Friendly WordPress in 12 Steps


WordPress is fantastic, free, and open source. It can be installed, up and running in a matter of minutes. However, out of the box, WordPress is not as SEO friendly as you’d think. This guide will show you the necessary steps to optimize a WordPress website, focusing on modifications that …

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5 Ways to Partner With Influencers on Snapchat

Would you like to build your organization’s perceivability on Snapchat? Have you considered collaborating with influencers? Snapchat influencers can help you associate with your intended interest group in an imaginative and captivating way that enhances mindfulness and informing. In this article you’ll find five approaches to cooperate with influencers on …

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I developed a content strategy for a client recently who was confused about how LinkedIn should be used. Many people create LinkedIn profiles and think of them only as online resumes. In addition to using LinkedIn as a powerful networking platform, it is also an excellent place to promote the …

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How Facebook’s News Feed Works – As Explained by Facebook | Social Media Today

Facebook’s recent F8 conference was a huge event, with a heap of information on new products, projects and the future ambitions of Zuckerberg’s ever-expanding social behemoth. In fact, there was so much presented at F8 that it was almost impossible to take it all in. Helpfully, Facebook’s posted videos from most of the …

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