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New GeoOrbital Wheel Prototypes for 2016!

As many popular transportation options make the switch to electric, bicycles are definitely not getting left behind. But if you aren’t interested in splurging on a fully electric bike, a company called GeoOrbital may just have the perfect solution for you. The GeoOrbital wheel is a fully contained electric update …

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Increase Your WiFi Speeds With These Simple Tweaks

Almost everyone have internet access these days and internet over WiFi is the most commonly used process. But what if your WiFi connectivity is not good ?. Here is how you can increase your WiFi speeds by some of these simple tweaks hope you like them Make sure that your …

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10 Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Like a Spy

Source: Amazon

From James Bond to Austin Powers, there’s one thing that all movie spies have in common: Gadgets. And while some of the spy gadgets seen in movies seem patently ridiculous – like the wristwatch circular saw that Bond uses in 1973’s Live and Let Die —  others seem more useful, …

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