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How to Take Candlelight Photography

Want to create a romantic or dramatic mood in your next photo? Try candlelight as a lighting choice. Candle lit photos are absolutely beautiful when taken correctly. As this is a low light situation, there are some tricks to make sure your photos are correctly exposed. Read on for some …

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Top 5 Battery Saving Apps For Android You Must Try


Battery life is always a headache for a smartphone user. It is very difficult to get a full day of battery life with single charge. Even though we know that doing some tasks turning the brightness on your screen down, turning of mobile data when you’re not using it are successful …

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Starting out in Macro Photography

Online Photography Courses

This is a guest post from Tasmanian Newborn & Maternity Photographer Peta Nikel who creates beautiful macro images.  Peta shares with us why she loves Macro Photography, and her own tips for starting out with Macro lenses. Taking time to capture the details! A lot of people get caught up in the …

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Still Life Photography: Step-by-Step Tutorial

When photography was just beginning, exposures took a long time – the first photograph, created by Joseph Niepce in 1827 took eight hours to create. Understandably, this made images of people impossible, so for a long time, still life photography (the photographing of inanimate objects) was very popular. It is …

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