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Tips From A Hacker: Trick To Come Up With A Strong Password

Kurt Muhl works as a security consultant with RedTeam and he has recently come up with a video which talks about the easiest ways to come up with a strong password which could be easily remembered as well.

In the video, he explains about some tricks using which password could be remembered very easily.

So, here are some prescribed steps by Kurt Muhl which can be used to generate a strong password as well as memorize that:

How to make a super-strong password?

  • Try to come up with a sentence which is closely related to you.

That sentence could be “I and family booked a tour to Hawai for $5000”.

  • Once you have come up with that sentence, take out the first alphabet from each of the words. So, here it is how it would look for the above sentence.


  • Then, you can map those characters with easily remembered alphabets or letters from your keyboard.

Here is an example to replace some of the alphabets:

A: @
I: 1
L: !
o: 0 (zero)
S: $
Z: 2 etc.

You can come up with your own combinations as well if you think those combinations are easy for to remember.

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How NOT to put a password?

  • Do not put passwords after the name of your girlfriend, your date of birth, your city, your postal code, your vehicle number etc.
  • A hacker can make an exhaustive list of these passwords and by using brute force attack, your password might be tried out extensively.

Example of a weak password:

Let’s say, my favourite player is Sachin Tendulkar, I keep telling this to everybody, and his jersey number is 10. In this case, I might come up with a password such as “tendulkar10” which is a bad way of practicing a password.

Here is the complete video article on how to make a strong password.

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